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There are three general reasons why home owners and businesses choose to purchase generator sets:
1. No mains electricity is available
2. There is insufficient power from the mains supply to meet requirements
3. To protect against the possibility of periodic or sustained loss of mains power, which can cause such things as economic loss, loss of power, loss of lighting, loss of life support equipment, loss of production, loss of data storage and loss of products, livestock or even human life.

Pravat Power offers generator sets to provide prime power, standby power . We produce diesel--powered units from as small as 5 kVA that are ideal for domestic and small retail properties up to sets as large as 600 kVA that can provide power for a large building with several offices. Our generators can be started either manually or automatically and can be provided as integral sets.

Your type will vary depending on what is required to powered, location of installation and whether it is needed to run continuously or only when there is a power outage. Contact us and our experience engineering will size your requirement and quote for your requirement.

While generators, in common, produce some amount of noise from the exhaust, the engine and the airflow, Our generators are designed to provide maximum noise control and are all noise level tested during production to ensure adherence to CPCB norms.

Constant mains electricity is supplied into premises via electrical cabling. When this mains electricity is disrupted due to power failures, a signal is sent from the transfer switch to the generating set which then starts up and sends Generated electricity back into the premises. When the mains supply is restored the transfer switch blocks the power from the generating set and reverts back to the main supply.

There is no set answer to this question. KOEL GREEN DG are designed to last for long periods of time and function in heavy duty operations. However, it is important that the set is inspected regularly between each use, before restarting to check such things as fuel and oil levels and any signs of abnormalities. Our sets can run continuously when the amount of load is lowered.

If you buy from us, our experience and ALL ORISSA presence assure you of a reliable source of power 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. PRAVAT INDUSRIAL POWER have in-depth experience in providing generator sets for prime and standby power. Our sets are built to the highest standards and they go through rigorous test and working conditions before reaching you. We offer a terrific range of models.

Pravat Industrial Power will ensure that products are backed by a reliable, local service and spare parts system. We identify needs in their individual countries and are therefore able to offer a personal service on a one-to-one basis.